DBnary files are RDF files available in TURTLE syntax. You may use the DBnary turtle files (available in “Download” section) using any RDF enabled library, using your favorite programming language. In order to use this data, you must understand the LEMON model and its DBnary extension. Our article in Semantic Web Journal should help you on this matter.

If you are interested in using the whole DBnary dataset using linked data or via SPARQL interface, you may be interested in the “Advanced user instructions” section below.

DBnary data is extracted from wiktionary using an ad-hoc tool. You do not need to use this tool if you are only interested in DBnary data. However, if you feel like helping us extract data from another language edition (or if you would like to enhance the existing extractors), please refer to instructions for developers section below.

Advanced user instructions

Instructions for developers

 Development tools