This page is designed to help you test the OpenLink Virtuoso SPARQL protocol endpoint.

Consult the Virtuoso Wiki page describing the service or the RDF Data Access and Data Management chapter of the Online Virtuoso Documentation.

There is also a rich Web based user interface with sample queries

You can access it at: /isparql.

Endpoint Information

Consult the following links for available information defined on this endpoint:

What is SPARQL?

SPARQL is the W3C"s declaritive query-language for Graph Model Databases and Stores.

As is the case with SQL for relational databases and XQUERY for XML databases, SPARQL is database and host operating system independent.

The development and evolution of this standard is overseen by the SPARQL Working Group within W3C and while parts of the language are still in active development, it is fully documented and publicly available.

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