The Finnish language edition recently used a new way to encode translations. Hence, the extractor’s performance was reduced (as may be seen in the Finnish Stats). The extrator has been adapted to deal with the new translation encoding and extraction rate is now back to normal.

The Japanese wiktionary language edition is now added to dbnary. It took me quite some time to setup as the Japanese edition is quite inconsistent. As usual the data is available in the Download area. SPARQL access will be available later.

Statistics are available in the “Dataset” page. They are currently displaying the number of elements, lexical relations and Translations from/to the extracted languages.

These stats are updated daily to reflect new extracted dumps.

More to come…

With the introduction of the new Turkish extractor, dbnary now offers 9 language editions.

The Portuguese wiktionary extractor has been considerably enhanced. After adapted it to a new architecture using GWT-Wiki library, I fixed several bugs in the translation extraction section. Moreover, homonymous entries were not extracted correctly. Hence since July 9th dump, the number of extracted entries and translations has increased.

With the addition of the Greek wiktionary. DBnary now provides lexical data for 8 language edition. More to come…

Welcome to the dbnary web site. If you are looking for Mulitilingual Linguistic Linked Open Data, then you are better here than elsewhere.