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Improvement in Russian extractor

Several bug fixes were made on the Russian extractor. Definitions should now be extracted in a more complete way and empty definitions should not be extracted anymore. Translation extraction has also been modified to avoid (rather unfrequent) special cases where

French and German morphology is now extracted

Since December 2014, morphological data has been extracted from French and German language edition. This data is currently stored in exhaustive version, meaning that every inflected form may be found in an a lemon:otherForm property. German morphology extraction is still rather preliminar, but French

English extraction improved

English extraction has been improved slightly. More part of speeches are now extracted (mainly affixes, proverbs, …), Extracted data is now more precisely typed and described, using lexinfo vocabulary, Additionally, All lexical entries are now explicitly typed as LexicalEntry while

Translations are now connected to word senses

A translation is supposed to connect a source word sense to a target word sense. However, current DBnary data connects a lexical entry to a target string. By using available glosses, we are able to connect translations to their source

DBnary is now supporting 12 language editions

With the addition of Bulgarian and Spanish, the DBnary data now contains 12 language editions. More to come we hope !

Finnish translation extractor improved

The Finnish language edition recently used a new way to encode translations. Hence, the extractor’s performance was reduced (as may be seen in the Finnish Stats). The extrator has been adapted to deal with the new translation encoding and extraction

Welcome to dbnary

Welcome to the dbnary web site. If you are looking for Mulitilingual Linguistic Linked Open Data, then you are better here than elsewhere.